William Kratt is Hanna and Martin's son.

Physical Appearance Edit

William wears hiking boots, khaki shorts, and a blue jacket with the zipper zipped almost all the way down and black stripes running across the sides and a white shirt underneath, and the sleeves are rolled up. He has blue eyes, tan skin, and sandy-blonde hair, with the cowlick showing.

Personality Edit

William's personality is very similar to his dad's. William is playful, childish, comedic, and simply loves creatures. He is impulsive, overly optimistic, and while usually prepared for any situation, he sometimes isn't. He loves taking risks, and he is easily distracted, sometimes forgetting when he's on a mission. Like both of his parents, he is impatient. He tries to be a good brother and protect Rylee from danger. Like Martin, William loves to get into the mind of creatures. However, he does know when to be serious, and he makes a good teammate. He also knows when to put a creature adventure aside.

Trivia Edit

  • He was introduced as a new-born but is currently 5.
  • He has a twin sister, Rylee.
  • His mom named him after his father. His name is the exact same as Martin's, but he goes by his middle name so that no one gets confused.