Rylee Kratt is Hanna and Martin's daughter.

Physical Appearance Edit

Rylee wears a navy blue hoodie with the zipper usually all the way up with a dark blue t-shirt underneath. She occasionally takes the hoodie off. She wears dark blue sweatpants. She is usually barefoot. She has platinum-blonde hair, unbelievably dark blue eyes, unusually broad shoulders, and slightly tan skin. She also has unusually sharp canine teeth and unusually long fingernails.

Personality Edit

Rylee's personality is very similar to her mom's. Only her personality is her mom's personality when she was really young: very skittish and shy.

Trivia Edit

  • She was introduced as a new-born but is currently 5.
  • She has a twin brother, William.
  • Her mom named her after herself. Her name is the exact same as her Hanna's, but she goes by her middle name so that no one gets confused.