Hanna Kratt is a Wild Kratts Kid who is always with the other Wild Kratts.

Physical Appearance Edit

Hanna wears a navy blue hoodie with the zipper usually all the way up with a dark blue t-shirt underneath. She occasionally takes the hoodie off. She wears dark blue sweatpants. She is usually barefoot. Hanna often wears a Creature Power Bracelet, which is the same as a Creature Power Suit, only in bracelet form. She has dark ash-blonde hair, unbelievably dark blue eyes, unusually broad shoulders, and slightly tan skin. She also has unusually sharp canine teeth and unusually long fingernails. Hanna is only a little over 5' tall, although by the time she becomes pregnant with Martin's kids, she is 6' tall.

Personality Edit

Hanna growls and snarls at the everyone else. She snarls at the villains, other Wild Kratts Kids, and Jimmy Z. She growls loudly, not quite a snarl, at Aviva and Koki. She growls quietly at Chris and never growls at Martin. Most of this stops when Hanna becomes a mother. She likes Chris a lot and is in love with Martin. She sees Aviva and Koki as rivals for Martin's attention. Hanna, like the Kratt brothers, loves creatures, although she dislikes many bugs and some other creatures. She seems to have a fear of male mammals, although she's usually fine with the females. Hanna's favorite animals are cats. Hanna is very impatient, although she is patient with Martin. When Aviva or another Wild Kratt gets after Martin, Hanna will instantly rush to his defense. Hanna calls Grabsy, a baby spider monkey, "The Monkey Pirate", due to both of them being in love with Martin, so Hanna sees Grabsy as an enemy competing with her for Martin, although Grabsy is a monkey and Martin is a human.

Abilities Edit

Hanna works with Chris and Martin and the other Wild Kratts to learn about animals and save them when necessary. She uses her knowledge of animals, fighting skills, and creature powers to save the creature world. Hanna is a very slow runner, is unable to climb due to her fear of heights and fear of falling, and is unable to swim due to her fear of water and fear of drowning. Hanna knows many fighting moves, including moves that can kill. Hanna loves most animals, especially babies. She also enjoys giving them names, just like Martin does.

Trivia Edit

  • Hanna is right-handed.
  • She and Jessica Freeman are sisters.
  • Hanna knows many fighting moves; including deadly attacks. She'll kill her enemies to protect her friends if she needs to.
  • Hanna does have a Creature Power Suit, but she prefers to use her Creature Power Bracelet.
  • Hanna can make incredible leaps.
  • She accidently becomes pregnant with Martin's kids, even though she didn't do anything that she can think of that would have caused it.
  • Hanna is 13, but she is 14 before her children are born.